Sunday Sounds: “Sycamore” and “The Buzz”

Sunday, October 20, beginning at 3 pm

Join us at Ozark Folkways for an afternoon of music by two local groups.


Sycamore is a Northwest Arkansas folk/rock trio that focuses on original music and somewhat out of the ordinary cover tunes. The members of this experienced trio have a history of more than fifteen years in NWA rock, blues, country and folk/rock through their involvement in local bands.

Sycamore is:

  • Bruce Allen, guitar, mandola & vocals
  • Guy Ames, banjo, ukulele, bodrhan & vocals
  • Jim Nicholson, bass, guitar & vocals

Environmental themes run through this music, primarily due to the songwriting of Guy Ames. Guy has been referred to in a recent book published by the University of Arkansas Press as a “Hipbilly”. As one of the Ozark back-to-the-landers of the 1970’s, he followed the dream of a “peace of land” and became a farmer. Bruce’s songs tend more to self-reflection and Jim has a whole treasure-trove of original tunes.

The Buzz

The Buzz is a group of artistic Winslow friends who get together Sunday afternoons to play music for fun, camaraderie and to explore and extend their creativity. These Sunday sessions began more than a decade ago, and over time it’s become an informal tradition of a sort; an opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments, sing out unabashedly and receive some restoration of the soul.

Charyel “Lynn” Adair, Cheryl Buell, Jim Nicholson, and Lee Christman form the core of The Buzz. The four have recently joined together with a bit more formality as an active “band”. Along with learning an eclectic collection of new cover material, they have been experimenting with writing their own songs as well. Grounded in folk and rock, their songs reflect universal themes ripe for our generation.

Winslow’s own Ozark Folkways has managed to coax them out of the studio for their very first public performance.

Admission is free, but a donation of $10 will support the musicians and the mission of Ozark Folkways to preserve, develop, instruct, and celebrate the arts, crafts, and music of our region.

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