Spring Fiber Arts Festival Registration

To purchase tickets for specific tutoring workshops, just click the name in the list below of the workshop and the time you would like to attend. All tickets must be purchased prior to the workshops and the number is limited, so call today! (Ticket cost is non-refundable and is viewed as a donation to Ozark Folkways.) If you are unable to make the class, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can offer the open spot to others.

• Needle Tatting workshop, 11am
• Needle Tatting workshop, 1pm

• Shuttle Tatting workshop, 11am
• Shuttle Tatting workshop, 1pm

• Bobbin Lace workshop, 11am
• Bobbin Lace workshop, 1pm

• Spinning workshop, 11am
• Spinning workshop, 1pm

• Weaving workshop, 11am
• Weaving workshop, 1pm

• Knitting workshop, 11am
• Knitting workshop, 1pm

For more information call us at 479-634-3791 or email us at info@ozarkfolkways.org