Papermaking II

Saturday, September 28, 1-4pm

Presented by Mary Michele Clark

Learn how to add textural enhancements to handmade paper, how to dye it and paint it, how to print on it, how to form it into shapes such as bowls and how to use it with your desktop printer.

Michele Clark is an artisan, writer, poet and speaker who lives in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. She specializes in making paper, making art from that paper, and creating art and accessories from natural items such as bark, acorns, leaves, rocks, etc. She also makes quilted works, and does tie-dye and eco-printing on fabric. She has been an arts administrator at numerous art centers and universities during her career and was the founding director of Tahlequah Creates, a gallery, gift market and creative classroom in downtown Tahlequah.

We will begin by reviewing how to make paper and how to work with it while wet, then work on processes that need dry paper. Bring your own handmade paper, if you have some; if not, lots paper will be provided. Paints and textured items will be available, but you are welcomed to bring water colors, acrylics, leaves, flowers and textured items that can be used to make an impression on paper.

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Tickets are $45 per person and include materials. The event will be limited to 10 participants. Tickets are non-refundable. (In the event that you are unable to use your ticket we will make every effort to resell your ticket and refund your money, but if we can’t find someone to purchase the seat, there will be no refund.)

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