It’s Your Story, Get Close to It

From Life to Memoir, Own Your Material (and the Art of Skipping the Boring Parts)

Saturday, May 25, 1-4pm

Presented by Crescent Dragonwagon

A memoir is autobiographical, but it is not autobiography or even your life story. It is both smaller and larger than that.

It’s smaller because it is not the narrative of your whole life, but of part of it. In memoir, well-told related incidents, anecdotes, situations illustrate the protagonist (you) and how she or he undergoes significant inner and outer change.

And it’s larger, because even though it’s you, it isn’t you. If you tell your story vividly and truthfully enough, your memoir becomes transparent. If your before-during-and-after achieves this transparency, readers will be see themselves through your story.

In this class, we’ll explore finding out which memoir you want to write, and what its thematic thread might be. From there, you will learn basic memoir structures, the ways in which you can pick and choose life-events that support that thread, and liability concerns — what to do about other people you may mention in a less-than-favorable light.

Along with all this, you’ll learn to get close to your material — to write right through its heart (and yours), not around it.

A Craft of Writing™ class.

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Cost is $125. We will be writing in class, so please bring a spiral notebook and several pens with which you enjoy writing. Laptops are optional; generally, we suggest their use only if writing by hand is uncomfortable for you. Class size limited to 20. Ages 16 and up, please. Tickets are non-refundable. (In the event that you are unable to use your ticket we will make every effort to resell your ticket and refund your money, but if we can’t find someone to purchase the seat, there will be no refund.)

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