Fermentation Workshop – Get Pickled with Cat!

Saturday, May 26th 1pm-3pm

Presented by Cat Swenson

A fermentation workshop for adults

In this workshop, Cat Swenson, Fermenter-in-Chief for Great Ferments will demonstrate how to make your own kraut & other pickled vegetables. You’ll follow along step-by-step and leave this class with your own ready to ferment Jar o’ Kraut.

Cat will also demonstrate how to make your own milk kefir (like “drinkable yogurt” but with a lot more probiotics) and each participant will get kefir grains (starter cultures). In addition to learning how to make this healthier version of modern pickles & yogurts, you’ll also have the warm & fuzzy feeling you get from supporting two of your favorite local non-profits (Ozark Folkways & Nourishing Traditions NWA).

Class is limited to 30 participants. Cost is $20 per person, which includes starter cultures and all ingredients to make your own jar of kraut.

To purchase tickets, just click the “Pay Now” button below. All tickets must be purchased prior to the workshop and the number is limited, so call today! (Ticket cost is non-refundable and is viewed as a donation to Ozark Folkways.) If you are unable to make the class, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can offer the open spot to others.

For more information call us at 479-634-3791 or email us at info@ozarkfolkways.org