Kids Summer Camp Online

Available online July 6 – Dec 31, 2020

This year’s Ozark Folkways Summer Art Camp for Kids is going virtual!

Join Heather Artripe from Ozark Natural Foods, Stephanie Jordan from Wild & Wholesome, American Sign Language instructor Michelle Hopkins, and artist David Lee Holcomb for this year’s Virtual Art Camp as our artists and instructors present an assortment of online lessons, workshops, and fun projects for kids, available on YouTube!

The Art Camp projects and workshops can be found on our YouTube playlist. Click here to see the lineup!

A big thank you to Wal-Mart Foundation for their support!

Unfortunately, we will not be able to do live sessions with an opportunity for question and answer sessions but feel free to ask questions or provide feedback in the comments section of the videos and we will get back to you. (No full names or other personal information, please!) Also, please send photos of completed projects to our email address or Facebook page!

For more information, contact us at

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