Don’t just take our word for it – hear what your friends and neighbors have to say about what we’re doing here at Ozark Folkways!

“In an age when social interaction and personal expression are relegated more and more to online venues, community arts endeavors like Ozark Folkways are more important than ever. Especially in low-density rural areas like Winslow, opportunities to bring distant neighbors face-to-face to learn about and experience local crafts, arts, and traditions are crucial for engagement with the fundamental pursuits that foster joy and wonderment.”  – Dan Dean, Architectural Designer and musician

“Ozark Folkways is a gathering place, a community, a place to pause in our busy lives and reconnect with the artist inside of us. A place were I have learned new skills such as making a basket out of a gourd, cooking Indian food, growing a mushroom log and working with clay. There is a supportive, nurturing, and accepting atmosphere where adults and children can feel safe to explore their interests and discover their talents. With its mountaintop setting and native stone building it is treasure well worth protecting. My husband and I are proud to be sustaining members of Ozark Folkways.”  – Patty Baker

“Ozark Folkways is a precious and unique place that we are so fortunate to have in our neck of the woods. It allows people to come together to learn, create, and eat. Their programs are so beneficial and appreciated from kids age 3 to 93. It allows you to slow down and enjoy some of life’s greatest joys.”  – Heather Artripe, Outreach Coordinator, Ozark Natural Foods

“Ozark Folkways is the cultural heart of our community. They offer music, featured artist exhibitions, and a retail outlet for the many creative people in our area. The quality of the classes they schedule is superb. They range from mushroom identification, Indian cooking, soap making, photography and art classes. For the children, there is a summer camp that culminates in a performance for the public. Throughout the year they offer art classes, felting, clay work and so much more. Ozark Folkways also provides studio space for clay, weaving, stained glass and spinning and weaving. The atmosphere at Folkways is welcoming and inclusive. They are responsive to the needs of the community and add a dimension that few small towns are fortunate enough to enjoy.”  – Mary C Anderson

“As lifelong residents of Arkansas, Bill and I are proud to support Ozark Folkways financially and with our volunteer hours. Ozark Folkways’ art, education and entertainment programs benefit not not only South Washington County and the community of Winslow but all of Northwest Arkansas. Ozark Folkways provides many needed and welcome programs in art education, lifelong learning, traditional crafts and music in an often overlooked and underfunded area of our state. As a venue where local musicians, weavers, ceramic, stained glass, fabric and visual artists can practice their crafts and where children and adults of all ages can come together and learn new skills and develop community, Ozark Folkways is an historic and valued part of the Arkansas experience.” – Therese & Bill Jenkins, Wytex Productionda, Rockin J Ranch

“My husband and I have owned land and lived in or near Winslow since the early 1980’s. There are few services in the area, and the community support that Folkways provides fills a great need. Offerings range from children’s art classes to mushroom foraging and cooking classes, to music events for the entire community. Ozark Folkways pulls people from diverse backgrounds together to share enriching fellowship in a lovely, historical setting. Ozark Folkways is a special place and we are devoted to keeping it alive and well.” – Cindy & Cary Arsaga

“Bringing people and art together, preserving the crafts and music of our childhood and reaching out to the young generation of future artists and musician, Ozark Folkways is doing a magnificent job of touching all of our lives with beauty, friendship and culture. A visit to the Ozark Folkways website will show what a superb job they are doing in organizing and inviting us all to enrich our lives with local fun, art and music.” – Jan Newlin, Newlin Realty

Silent People Project“It is with pleasure and a surprising amount of nostalgia that I write this note in support of Ozark Folkways. After moving to South Washington County 12 years ago, I have come to love and appreciate the gift that Folkways has become. There are many ways that I engage with Folkways: As a guest, I have enjoyed the beautiful and diverse art displayed. The variety of workshops sharpens my creativity, builds my intellect and/or is just plain fun. As a volunteer I have been privileged to participate in benefits that not only helped meet the needs of our neighbors, but also brought friends and strangers closer together in grief as well as joy. As a leader in one of the area’s civic organizations, I have also hosted programs at Folkways. They were generous in letting us use the venue, helped with advertising and made setting up easy. Finally, as owners of retail businesses, my husband and I have always been eager to donate time and gifts to help this wonderful beacon in these hills.” – Michele Allen Winkler